How to conserve your energy after Covid-19: Tip#1

When you are recovering from Covid-19, you are likely to have less energy and feel tired. A simple task, such as putting on your shoes, can feel like hard work. Find ways to conserve your energy as you go about your daily tasks.

By making these small changes you will have more energy throughout the day.

The 3 Ps principle (Pace, Plan and Prioritise)

Learning to pace, plan and prioritise your daily activities will help you to save energy.

Tip 1# Pace

Pacing yourself will help you have enough energy to complete an activity.

Top tips:

• Break activities up into smaller tasks and spread them throughout the day.

• Build rests into your activities, it is key to recharging your energy.

• Plan 30– 40 minutes of rest breaks between activities.

• Sit and rest wherever possible.