Welcome to MBW Physiotherapists

MBW Physiotherapy welcomes you to the world of science, clinical reasoning, academic excellence, and quality care to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and ultimately prevent.

For more than 35 years, we strive for excellence and will not cease to improve.

Clinical, Hands-on Treatment Approaches

We adopt a clinically reasoned, hands-on treatment approach, which includes a thorough evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan, enabling our patients to get relief and get back to full function as soon as possible.

A Dedicated Team of Professionals

Our team consists of a dedicated group of individuals with vast experience and a variety of special interests who are passionate about people and holistic healing.

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We are open from 08h00-17h30 Monday to Thursday and 08h00-17h00 Fridays. Weekend appointments are outside of our usual operating hours, therefore it is for emergency treatments only (Please note: after-hour rates will apply).

We participate in continuing education in our special interests and are registered with the South African Society of Physiotherapy.

All Physiotherapists have extensive training in manual therapy, respiratory and orthopedic conditions, and/or gender/pelvic health. As physiotherapists, we are committed to providing our patients with the tools necessary to facilitate recovery and keep their specific needs in mind.

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled and trained to choose from numerous treatment modalities to facilitate recovery.

Physiotherapy is a scientific, holistic approach to assessing and treating pain, injuries, stiffness, and imbalances of different tissues in the body. 

Treatment can include manual therapy (or a ‘hands-on’ approach) and often this will be combined with other modalities and an exercise program to return you to full function as soon as possible.

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