Workplace Related Pain- “Sitting is the new smoking”

Pain is frequent among employees with repetitive and forceful job tasks.

Neck, shoulder and back pain is common conditions related to work. These static positions contribute to physical load and pain. Prolonged sitting also slows the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat.


Consequences of Injuries:


  • * Depression
  • * Anger
  • * Early signs of ageing due to stress
  • * Potential negative effects on family or relationship


  • * Leave work
  • * Absentee
  • * Worker’s Compensation
  • * Lost productivity
  • * Retraining of staff


Lowering the physical exposure through participatory ergonomic interventions may represent a strategy to reduce musculoskeletal loading intensity and/or rehabilitate musculoskeletal pain.


Why Ergonomics?

  • * Prevent Injuries
  • * Improve Functionality
  • * Improve Body Awareness


So, what must we do?



20/20/20 Rule

  • * Every 20 minutes
  • * Stand for 20 seconds
  • * Look 20 feet away from your screen


Do regular stretches


Ergonomic changes:

Bookstand/document holder

Standing desks

Foot rest

External keyboard and mouse

Lumbar Support

Laptop stand

Monitor raiser