Keep Calm and sink the put

MBW se 4-bal doen dit wéér – Baie geluk aan Francois Bruwer, Johan Wege, JP Heyns en Gerhard Martin wat vanjaar tweede gekom het in die jaarlikse Boishaai Gholfdag. MBW is, soos altyd, TROTS!!

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Fedhealth XTERRA Grabouw 2017

One of our own, Anzél Brink, Took part in the 1.5km and 400m swim this year at the Fedhealth Xterra in Grabouw, the biggest Xterra event in the world.  The event took place from the 24th until the 26th of February with over 2000 participants competing for the title.

Anzél formed part of the Big Box Team alongside Dr Kobus Uys, Neil and Elizabeth Wilson.

A big congratulations to two of our patients for their achievements in this event. Richard Murray who placed first in his category, and Rachel Klamer who placed third in her division.

Xterra 1 16806846_1889300211305203_3252958511509925331_n

From the right : Dr Kobus Uys, Anzél Brink,Willie Ward  and Neil Wilson. Photo taken from Facebook.

Durbanville Kleureatletiek 2017

MBW Fisioterapeute het ‘n verskil gemaak by die 2017 Durbanville Kleureatletiek. Akute beserings is evalueer en behandel.


Baie dankie aan Inqua-med en Physio en Wellness vir julle bydrae.

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