Falling is not fun

Overview of activity
This is more an education talk rather than an activity and is aimed at the elderly. You could get the elderly involved in identify possible risks in and around their immediate environment. If you choose to do this, you may want to stage some scenarios prior to the talk.

Some background information:
Each year, 1 in 3 adults aged 65 years and older falls
Falls cause moderate to severe injuries
A fall could reduce your mobility

What you will need
This will depend whether you are going to present this as an informative talk, or get the participants involved.

If you are just going to do a talk, you may want to develop a presentation that details the points below. You may also want to print up a leaflet with the information detailed below to leave behind.

If you intend to stage some scenarios and involved the participants, choose props to illustrate the points listed below, you will get a better idea after reading the information, but these might include:
Very high heel shoes, shoes that are too small or too big
Clutter is any shape or form including a loose floor rug

Most of this can be easily demonstrated by a walk about during which you point out areas that are well set up or areas where improvements could be made.

What you will do
Address these key points with the participants in an interactive and fun way

Choose your shoes carefully
Low heel
Slip resistant
Easy to get on and off

Clear Clutter
Tuck electrical cables away
Keep the floor clutter-free
Don’t have scatter rugs and bed frills around

Fall-proof your bathroom
Add a grip bar to your shower
Keep a non-slip mat or strip inside and outside your shower or bath

Reaching good lighting
Make sure you have a bedside light you can easily reach at night
Use night lights if this is easy

Fall-resistant furniture
Ensure that there is ample space around your chair
Use a sturdy chair that cannot move around easily
Make sure your chair has arm rests to help you get up
Make sure your chair is a comfortable height to get in and out of

Smart storage
Don’t store everyday items too high or too low
Store the items you use regularly in easy to get to places
Ask for help when getting items that are stored high up or low down – don’t ever stand on a chair or use a stepladder

Variations you can try
Not applicable

This activity is meant to educate and inform in a fun way.

For more information on falls visit



Stretch it out at the office

Stretch ideas to ensure you stay flexible and injury free at work! 


Shoulder stretch


Interlink your fingers in front of your body and turn your palms to face outwards. Slowly straighten your arms and stretch forward. Hold this position for 15 seconds.


Interlink your fingers behind your body and turn your palms to face outwards. Slowly straighten your arms and stretch back. Hold this position for 15 seconds.


Shoulder pull

Hold your upper arm just under your elbow and pull that arm at shoulder height across your chest. Repeat for both arms holding the stretch for 15 seconds on either side.


Triceps and shoulder stretch

Reach behind your head with your elbow bent. Using your other hand, push down on the bend elbow to get that arm to move further down your back. Hold for 15 second and be sure to stretch both arms.


Neck stretch

Reach with your right hand over your head, placing your hand over your left ear. Slowly pull your head away from your left shoulder, making sure that your left shoulder drops down and does not lift as you stretch. Do this one both sides, holding for 15 seconds each.


Knee to chest

This can be performed in a seated or standing position as long as your back is supported. Using your hands, slowly pull your knee up towards your chest and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat on the other side.


Back rotation

Sit in a chair with your left leg crossed over your right leg at the knee. Place your right hand on your left thigh just above your knee and pull your leg towards the right. At the same time turn your body towards the left and look over your left shoulder. Hold this stretch for 15 seconds and repeat on the other side.


Chest stretch

Raise your arms and bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Place your forearms and hands on the edge of a door frame. Keeping your feet shoulder distance apart, lean forward through the doorway, holding the stretch for 15 seconds.

Fun idea : Do this with your colleagues to keep motivation high!


2018 Merweville projek

Merweville… ongeskonde plattelandse dorpie en boeregemeenskap in die hart van die Karoo. Soos jy oor die laaste bult ry, ná jou afdraai van die N1, verskyn Merweville aan die onderkant  met die groot toring van die NG Kerk wat prominent uitstaan . Daar is geen Mall’s en KFC’s, wel Muller se Kafee, Victor se Garage en Du Plessis Algemene Handelaar. Aandvermaak is om op te kyk na ‘n sterrehemel soos wat jy lanklaas gesien het. Dit is ‘n ou wêreldse belewenis, maar dit is ook ‘n swaarkry bestaan in harde omstandighede.

Die WAWWA Organisasie leef hul leuse uit – Lewe om ‘n verskil te maak. Hul werk in vennootskap met mense van geloof en maak staat op die vrygewigheid van die gemeenskap om hul doel te bereik – Om die behoeftes van die minderbevoorregtes te bevredig.


WAWWA respekteer kulturele diversiteit, glo daarin om mense se lewens te verryk. Sodoende is hul hart en siel betrokke by die kinders van Merweville. Vrywilligers reik uit en spandeer jaarliks ‘n bietjie kwaliteit tyd saam met die kinders van Merweville. Hierdie naweke fokus op Liggaamlike, Kreatiewe en Geestelike ontwikkeling.

MBW se 2018 projek is om soveel moontlik goeie tweedhandse sporttoerusting te versamel en te skenk aan Merweville se kinders.

Help ons om ‘n verskil te maak deur ongebruikte sporttoerusting te skenk. 

Enige donasies kan by MBW se ontvangs gelos word.  Vir meer informasie skakel (021) 976 4832.